March is celebrated as “Brain Injury Awareness Month.” The Concussion Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team are cognizant of the crucial roles that doctors of chiropractic medicine, as well as front-line health care workers, play in the recognition and treatment of concussion injuries. It is our belief that their work should be highlighted at this time.  

Concussions are Traumatic Brain Injuries. 

It is universally accepted by Traumatic Brain Injury experts that Concussions are Traumatic Brain Injuries. No doubt about it.   

Many Concussion Injuries Result in Significant Permanent Disability & Impairment. 

Cervical spine injuries play an important role in concussion injury. It is commonly known that brain injuries occur as a result of the brain being slammed back-and-forth inside the skull, a process known as a coup/contra coup injury. 

It is a matter of simple logic that a “whiplash of the neck” will also involve whiplash of the brain. The important connection between neck whiplash and “brain whiplash” is being recognized by the medical community. A leading researcher in this development is Dr. John J. LeddyDirector of the Concussion Management Clinic at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Buffalo, New York. Dr. Leddy recently assumed the role of president of the International Concussion Society. Dr. Lettie recently noted,  

It is very important for clinicians to establish the mechanism of injury in patients with head injury and to realize that acceleration and deceleration of the head is often accompanied by a whiplash mechanism for the cervical spine. One cause of prolonged symptoms after head injury is concomitant neck injury. This may not be fully appreciated by the patient or healthcare professionals because the focus is usually on the seriousness of the brain injury. Traumatic brain injury often involves a whiplash or twisting mechanism that can also injure the neck. The upper cervical spine is particularly vulnerable to trauma because it is the most mobile part of the vertebral column with a complex proprioceptive system.” 

See Leddy, Cervicogenic Post Concussion Disorder: A Pain in the Neck 


Chiropractors Have a Unique Role in the Recognition and Diagnosis of Concussion Injuries. 

Several respected research studies have shown that more than half of all concussion injury victims that are processed through Emergency Medicine in hospitals are overlooked and/or misdiagnosed. This is true for a number of reasons:  

    1. Symptoms of concussion injuries typically are not apparent at the time of the emergency medical encounter and instead develop over the days and weeks later;   
    2. Concussion victims are unable to recognize their concussion injury and accurately report their symptoms;  
    3. The concussion injury is often overlooked because the emphasis of medical attention is often directed to concomitant physical injuries;  
    4. The symptoms of concussion injuries are often disguised by the administration of pain medication and the symptoms of shock.  

Doctors of Chiropractic have an inherent advantage in the recognition of concussion injuries for the following reasons:  

    1. Chiropractor/patient encounters typically occur days after the traumatic event, when the symptoms of concussion injury have manifested; 
    2. Doctors of chiropractic have a much closer doctor/patient relationship;  
    3. The doctor-patient relationship is typically longer in duration.

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