The concussion injury lawyers and legal assistants at the Schmidt Salita Law Team are experienced in detecting overlooked concussion injuries and directing their client with concussion injuries to experienced concussion doctors and health care professionals.

Statistics reveal that nearly 80% of all concussion injuries are initially overlooked and/or misdiagnosed by the medical community.It is estimated that more than 50% of concussion injury victims do not seek immediate medical attention.

The statistics compiled by the Concussion Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt & Salita Law Team show that 60% of the victims of a motor vehicle collision that seek legal representation have sustained a concussion injury.

Establishing a solid case for concussion injury is a challenge requiring the services of a lawyer with experience and knowledge regarding concussion injuries.  The legal staff of the Schmidt & Salita Law Team includes lawyers and legal assistants with training and experience with concussions.  It includes lawyers and legal assistants who have undergone specialized training in concussion assessment and recognition including the Heads Up program of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the NFHS Learn program, the Rivermead Post Concussion Assessment (TBI-Impact) and the H-E-L-P-S Screening Protocal of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.