The Minnesota Workers Compensation Law requires all employers to carry Workers Compensation Insurance that provides benefits for all injuries that occur in the workplace, i.e. “on-the-job”.  That most certainly includes concussion injuries. When that occurs, the injured employee is entitled to workers compensation benefits including payment of medical bills, reimbursement for wage losses, compensation for disability, and retraining benefits.

Truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and others who are required to drive a motor vehicle in the course and scope of their employment may be entitled to no-fault insurance benefits in addition to workers compensation benefits.

Construction workers and building trade workers are at increased risk for concussion injuries and entitled to workers compensation benefits as well.

The many symptoms of concussion injury can result in disability in each of the following areas:

    • Vision impairments
    • Headache Disorders
    • Hearing loss
    • Mental/Cogntive functions (memory, comprehension, concentration, executive functions)
    • Balance
    • Reduced energy level
    • Psychological impairments